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Gionee A1

Rs.16,999 Rs.17,999
This limited offer ends

Gionee A1 Lite

Rs.13,299 Rs.15,499

Gionee A1 Plus

Rs.17,999 Rs.27,999

Gionee L700

Rs.1,999 Rs.2,099

Gionee L800

Rs.2,199 Rs.2,299

Gionee M5 Lite

Rs.9,999 Rs.13,199

Gionee M5 Plus

Rs.19,990 Rs.27,999

Gionee M7 Power


Gionee P5 Mini

Rs.4,699 Rs.5,799

Gionee P5L

Rs.6,999 Rs.8,499

Gionee P5W

Rs.5,499 Rs.6,999

Gionee P7

Rs.8,999 Rs.9,999

Gionee P7 Max

Rs.10,999 Rs.11,499
This limited offer ends

Gionee S10 Lite

Rs.14,999 Rs.15,999

Gionee S6

Rs.16,999 Rs.20,499

Gionee S6 Pro

Rs.15,999 Rs.24,999

Gionee S6S

Rs.12,999 Rs.16,499

Gionee X1

Rs.8,999 Rs.9,499

Gionee X1s

Rs.11,999 Rs.13,499
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