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Lava A44

Rs.3,199 Rs.4,999 36% off

Lava Captain N1

Rs.899 Rs.1,249 28% off

Lava KKT Pearl FM

Rs.1,399 Rs.1,700 18% off

Lava One

Rs.1,200 Rs.1,600 25% off

Lava Prime

Rs.1,649 Rs.2,299 28% off

Lava Prime Z


Lava Spark i8

Rs.1,599 Rs.1,900 16% off

Lava Z50

Rs.3,999 Rs.5,999 33% off

Lava Z60

Rs.4,999 Rs.6,499 23% off

Lava Z60s

Rs.4,599 Rs.5,990 23% off

Lava Z61

Rs.5,099 Rs.6,500 22% off

Lava Z61 - 2GB

Rs.5,999 Rs.7,500 20% off

Lava Z80

Rs.5,999 Rs.10,000 40% off

Lava Z91

Rs.7,999 Rs.12,499 36% off
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