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Lava Mobiles Price List in India

Latest Lava Mobiles Price List in India updated as on 18-November-2017 . LAVA is an Indian smartphone brand that is known for its low-budget smartphones, basic phones and tablets. Be it smartphones, feature phones or bar phones, the collectionis impressive.Below is the Lava Mobile price list with the lowest prices available in India. Detailed LAVA mobile specifications and reviews are present here.


Lava A32

Rs.2,700 Rs.2,699

Lava A44


Lava A48

Rs.2,999 Rs.3,099

Lava A48 - 8GB

Rs.3,199 Rs.3,349

Lava A51


Lava A59

Rs.2,999 Rs.3,799

Lava A67

Rs.3,800 Rs.4,199

Lava A68

Rs.3,699 Rs.3,999

Lava A71 - 4G

Rs.5,999 Rs.6,299

Lava A72 - 4G

Rs.5,499 Rs.6,199

Lava A76 - 4G

Rs.4,699 Rs.5,299

Lava A76 Plus


Lava A79

Rs.4,799 Rs.5,199

Lava A82

Rs.3,999 Rs.4,999

Lava A88 - 4G

Rs.4,999 Rs.5,199

Lava A97


Lava A97 - 2GB


Lava Arc Grand

Rs.1,650 Rs.1,699

Lava ARC Lite Plus


Lava Connect M1 4G


Lava KKT Pearl FM


Lava KKT Trio

Rs.1,600 Rs.1,649

Lava KKT Uno Plus

Rs.1,449 Rs.1,475

Lava P7

Rs.4,999 Rs.5,199

Lava V2S 4G

Rs.7,499 Rs.8,199

Lava V5 - 4G

Rs.11,299 Rs.11,999

Lava X10

Rs.9,499 Rs.10,499

Lava X11 - 4G

Rs.6,500 Rs.7,699

Lava X17 - 4G

Rs.5,699 Rs.6,599

Lava X41 Plus


Lava X50 4G

Rs.6,999 Rs.8,199

Lava X81

Rs.8,999 Rs.10,899
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