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Lyf Mobiles Price List in India

Latest Lyf Mobiles Price List in India updated as on 21-January-2018 . LYF the fifth largest smartphone supplier in India by Reliance Industries.LYF are phones that are 4G enabled from day one such that it works great on JIO. Lyf has the best features in its price range, you should check out the price list below which will show you all the available latest LYF Mobiles models in India.


Lyf - Flame

Rs.3,700 Rs.5,999

Lyf - Water 1

Rs.7,000 Rs.15,499

Lyf - Water 2

Rs.9,499 Rs.14,499

Lyf - Wind 4

Rs.6,999 Rs.7,499

Lyf - Wind 6

Rs.4,999 Rs.6,999

Lyf Earth - 1

Rs.16,799 Rs.21,999

Lyf Earth 2

Rs.14,999 Rs.20,999

Lyf Flame 4

Rs.2,499 Rs.4,099

Lyf Flame 7

Rs.3,499 Rs.3,899

Lyf Flame 7S

Rs.3,699 Rs.3,899

Lyf Flame 8

Rs.4,699 Rs.4,999

Lyf Water 11

Rs.7,399 Rs.9,999

Lyf Water 5

Rs.7,799 Rs.9,999

Lyf Water 7

Rs.7,499 Rs.14,999

Lyf Water 7S


Lyf Water 8

Rs.7,999 Rs.13,999

Lyf Water 9


Lyf Wind 1

Rs.6,999 Rs.8,999

Lyf Wind 1 - 8GB

Rs.6,000 Rs.7,999

Lyf Wind 2

Rs.7,499 Rs.9,999

Lyf Wind 4S

Rs.6,699 Rs.8,499

Lyf Wind 7

Rs.5,799 Rs.7,499

Lyf Wind 7i - 8GB


Lyf Wind 7S

Rs.5,799 Rs.7,499
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