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Micromax Mobiles Price List in India

Latest Micromax Mobiles Price List in India updated as on 23-April-2018 . Micromax began selling mobile phones in India in 2008 and has grown to become the 10th largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. From smartphones to basic phones, all Micromax mobile prices are present here. Find Micromax mobiles at lowest prices in India along with product specifications, key features, pictures, ratings & more.


Micromax Bharat 1


Micromax Bharat 2


Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra


Micromax Bharat 4

Rs.4,999 Rs.5,199

Micromax Bharat 5


Micromax Bharat 5 Plus


Micromax Bolt Q300

Rs.1,999 Rs.2,799

Micromax Bolt Q381

Rs.3,999 Rs.5,499

Micromax Canvas 2 Q4310

Rs.7,999 Rs.8,999

Micromax Canvas 5 E481

Rs.9,999 Rs.12,499

Micromax Canvas 5 Lite Q462

Rs.5,999 Rs.6,999

Micromax Canvas 6 E485

Rs.9,999 Rs.14,449

Micromax Canvas 6 Pro E484

Rs.9,999 Rs.14,499

Micromax Canvas Fire 5

Rs.5,499 Rs.5,999

Micromax Canvas Infinity

Rs.8,999 Rs.11,499

Micromax Canvas Infinity Pro

Rs.13,500 Rs.13,999

Micromax Canvas Mega E353

Rs.6,999 Rs.7,999

Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G E451

Rs.6,500 Rs.11,499

Micromax Canvas Unite 4 Plus

Rs.6,999 Rs.7,999

Micromax Canvas Unite 4 Q427

Rs.5,999 Rs.7,499

Micromax E311 Canvas Nitro 2

Rs.5,499 Rs.11,999

Micromax E455 Canvas Nitro 4G

Rs.6,799 Rs.10,299

Micromax E471 Canvas Knight2

Rs.8,500 Rs.13,999

Micromax Q352 Bolt Supreme

Rs.4,499 Rs.5,999

Micromax Q4001 Vdeo 1


Micromax Q4101 Vdeo 2

Rs.3,999 Rs.4,599

Micromax Q413 Canvas Express 4G

Rs.5,999 Rs.6,999

Micromax Q413 Plus Canvas Express 4G

Rs.5,999 Rs.7,799

Micromax Q4202 Vdeo 3

Rs.4,499 Rs.4,999

Micromax Q424 Bolt Selfie 4G

Rs.3,999 Rs.5,799

Micromax Q4251 Vdeo 4


Micromax Q426 Canvas Mega 2

Rs.6,499 Rs.7,999

Micromax Q426 Canvas Mega 2 Plus - 16gb


Micromax Q4601 Selfie 2 Note


Micromax Q465 Unite 4 Pro


Micromax Selfie 2 Q4311

Rs.7,499 Rs.9,999

Micromax X084

Rs.1,250 Rs.1,339

Micromax X1i - Blue

Rs.1,099 Rs.1,249

Micromax X1i Power


Micromax X2050

Rs.1,299 Rs.1,349

Micromax X412


Micromax X502

Rs.899 Rs.1,099

Micromax X590

Rs.1,099 Rs.1,149

Micromax X610

Rs.1,299 Rs.1,329

Micromax X806

Rs.1,799 Rs.1,829

Micromax X904


Micromax X913

Rs.1,650 Rs.1,699
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