Bluetooth Headset

Zebronics ZEB - BH520 (Mono) Bluetooth

Rs.385 Rs.399 4% off

Zebronics ZEB - BE380T (Sports 2 in1) Bluetooth

Rs.800 Rs.999 20% off

Zebronics Faith Bluetooth

Rs.999 Rs.1,199 17% off

Urbanears BT Stadion Bluetooth - Black

Rs.5,999 Rs.6,999 14% off

Sony WI - C400 (Neck Band) Bluetooth

Rs.3,499 Rs.3,990 12% off

Sony WI - C300(Neck Wired) Bluetooth

Rs.2,350 Rs.3,390 31% off

Sony WF-SP700N (Air Pods) Bluetooth

Rs.9,999 Rs.12,990 23% off

Sony MBH20 ENTRY (Mono) Bluetooth

Rs.999 Rs.1,490 33% off

Sony Bluetooth SBH - 24

Rs.2,999 Rs.3,590 16% off

Skullcandy Method In Ear(Neck Band) Bluetooth

Rs.4,999 Rs.5,499 9% off

Sennheiser CX6.00 Bluetooth


Samsung MG920 Nano Bluetooth


Samsung EO-BG950 U-Flex Bluetooth

Rs.3,499 Rs.3,799 8% off

Samsung EO-BG930 Level Active Bluetooth


Samsung EO-BG920 Level U Bluetooth

Rs.2,499 Rs.2,999 17% off

Plantronic ML 15 (Mono) Bluetooth


Plantronic Back Beat 105 (Neck Band) Bluetooth

Rs.3,499 Rs.3,790 8% off

Oraimo OEB-E55D Sport (Neck Band) Bluetooth

Rs.1,499 Rs.1,699 12% off

Oraimo OEB-E53D Wings (Neck Wired) Bluetooth

Rs.1,899 Rs.1,999 5% off

Oraimo OEB - E54D Wings Bluetooth

Rs.2,499 Rs.3,499 29% off

Nokia BH705(Earbuds) Bluetooth

Rs.7,999 Rs.9,999 20% off

Nokia BH 501 Bluetooth

Rs.2,499 Rs.3,360 26% off

LG HBS920 Tone Infinim (Neck Band) Bluetooth

Rs.7,500 Rs.8,000 6% off

LG HBA100 Tone Active (Neck Band) Bluetooth

Rs.11,000 Rs.12,000 8% off

JBL T110 (Neck Wired) Bluetooth

Rs.2,149 Rs.2,499 14% off

JBL E25 (Neck Wired) Bluetooth

Rs.2,999 Rs.3,499 14% off

Jabra Elite 65T Bluetooth

Rs.12,499 Rs.13,499 7% off

Jabra Elite 25E Bluetooth

Rs.3,499 Rs.4,299 19% off

Jabra 2047 Bluetooth

Rs.999 Rs.1,499 33% off

Jabra 2045 Bluetooth

Rs.999 Rs.1,199 17% off

IBALL Earwear B3 (Mono) Bluetooth

Rs.999 Rs.1,295 23% off

IBALL Bluetooth Nano Earwear T9

Rs.999 Rs.1,295 23% off

IBALL Bluetooth Musitrack 9

Rs.1,499 Rs.1,999 25% off

Ferrari TRAINING (Red & Black) Bluetooth

Rs.2,999 Rs.4,400 32% off

Ferrari TRAINING (Logo Silver) Bluetooth

Rs.2,999 Rs.4,400 32% off
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