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130 Dual Sim

Rs.1,649 Rs.1,699

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB

Rs.17,999 Rs.19,999

Apple iPhone 6 - 32GB

Rs.28,499 Rs.29,999

Apple iPhone 6 - 64GB

Rs.45,000 Rs.51,499

Apple iPhone 6S - 16GB

Rs.43,500 Rs.52,500

Apple iPhone 6S - 32GB

Rs.39,000 Rs.42,999

Apple iPhone 6S - 64GB

Rs.53,000 Rs.62,500

Apple iPhone 6S Plus - 128GB

Rs.78,000 Rs.80,499

Apple iPhone 6S Plus - 16GB

Rs.55,000 Rs.62,999

Apple iPhone 6S Plus - 64GB

Rs.56,999 Rs.71,500

Apple iPhone 7 - 128GB

Rs.56,500 Rs.61,099

Apple iPhone 7 - 128GB (RED)

Rs.68,000 Rs.69,000

Apple iPhone 7 - 256GB

Rs.60,999 Rs.79,000

Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB

Rs.48,000 Rs.51,499

Apple Iphone 7 Plus - 128GB

Rs.66,500 Rs.70,099

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - 256GB

Rs.79,999 Rs.80,499

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - 32GB

Rs.57,500 Rs.69,999

Apple iPhone 8 - 256GB

Rs.74,500 Rs.75,999

Apple iPhone 8 - 64GB

Rs.63,000 Rs.63,500

Apple iPhone 8 Plus - 256GB

Rs.83,999 Rs.85,499

Apple iPhone 8 Plus - 64GB

Rs.71,500 Rs.71,999

Celkon A35K 4GB

Rs.2,200 Rs.2,699

Celkon Astro

Rs.3,200 Rs.3,549

Celkon C-23

Rs.1,299 Rs.1,999

Celkon C107

Rs.899 Rs.949

Celkon C2233

Rs.1,199 Rs.1,449

Celkon C25

Rs.1,199 Rs.1,349

Celkon C282

Rs.1,300 Rs.1,699

Celkon C345

Rs.899 Rs.945

Celkon C35 Jumbo

Rs.1,499 Rs.1,599

Celkon Campus Pride

Rs.2,649 Rs.2,799

Celkon CliQ

Rs.7,499 Rs.7,999
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